"For the past two years my students have been a part of the Passerine Project. It has been extremely amazing experience for my students and me. The weeks they spent doing the work was wonderful and far exceeded my expectations. At the onset, the project seemed really exciting but I didn’t fully realize the impact it would have on me as a teacher and on my students.

I always worry when taking on extra projects and taking time away from my regular plans. What I’ve realized while participating in the project is that the lessons I teach will have far less of an impact on my students than the work they did with Shevy and Kendall. So often my students forget the work we do in class, or are disinterested. I know for sure that they will long remember their work on this project.

Their work with the Passerine Project helped to build empathy and boosted the confidence of all my students. I don’t think this is something they will ever forget. I have students on so many levels in terms of their learning, but this project put everyone on the same playing field. Everyone felt capable and as though they could do this work. Many were skeptical at first and this seemed really hard, but they were persistent and because of the joy they felt in doing this work, they were all able to do something really meaningful. What I'm most pleased about from this work is that my students really learned the power of their voices and how important it is to stand up and speak out whenever they have a chance"

-Candice Simon 6th Grade ELA Teacher, 6th Grade Crew Leader, GSA Advisor Brooklyn Collaborative, Carroll Gardens, NYC

Our partnership with the Passerine Project was an amazing experience.  Our students learned collaboration by making connections with young people on the other side of the world.  Our students learned kindness by giving voice to others who didn't have one.  Our students learned responsibility through immersing in the lives of the Afghan women and doing justice to their stories by writing original songs.  Our students learned courage by performing on stage and building their confidence.  Shevy and Kendall are talented artists and educators, and our students were privileged to work with them.  We love Passerine!

-Scill Chan, Principal Brooklyn Collaborative, Carroll Gardens, NYC